Advisory and CFO services

Expert financial advice for small and medium-scale businesses backed by credible industry experience and professional conduct.

We offer strategic solutions for your finance and accounting function needs and help provide clarity for business decisions.

Strategic business decisions are critical for turning your business around. We are dedicated to helping you understand how your business decisions impact your finances, profits, and bottom line.

From finance process improvements to profit maximization and cost minimization, we review the specifics of your business to offer the most effective solutions that can help your business thrive. Our finance and accounting experts analyze your income, expenses, and cash flow needs and advise on how to maximize tax benefits.

The team at DW & Associates, Chartered Professional Accountants boasts of years of experience and will partner with your business to help you grow.

Our Advisory and CFO services include:

  • CRA audit reviews
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Account process improvement
  • Tax benefit maximization
  • Cash flow review and optimization
  • BC incorporation filing
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Our Services

Whether it's taking day of your day to expenses or getting financial advice on forecasting for the future, we are ready to help, No project is either too big or too small with DW & Associates.

Forecasting & Budgeting

We assist our clients with forecasting and budgeting so they can plan ahead to achieve their goals and dreams.Whether it be to prepare for a new business venture or annual budgeting in general, we got you.

CRA Audit

We will consult with our clients on how to approach an audit from the CRA to mitigate against unexpected costs. We’ll give you a run down on the Do’s and Don'ts of a CRA audit.

Tax Return amendments and Review

Made a mistake on your previous tax return? Forgot to add or claim a certain deduction? Do not worry, we have assisted many clients with changing their tax returns. We will take care of you.

COVID-19 Relief

Currently enrolled on the roster of Small Business BC to help SME receive grant funding in order to stay in the business during these trying times. We work with clients that have been adversely affected by COVID-19 receive significant sums of funding to adapt to unchartered territory. We work closely with the client as the honest broker in applying for the grant money. For more information click the link below. There are other COVID-19 grants available that we would happily assist with applying for and administrating.

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Why Choose Us?

Save Time and Unnecessary Headache

Focus on what’s important. If you find that you are spending too much time on administrative work and not bringing in new business, then we could be the perfect fit for you. We have a dedicated team of professional accountants to assist you with your company’s record keeping and tax return.

Done Right, 100% Of The Time!

We make sure that your records are tracked properly from the beginning. We eliminate the need to go back and fix the books which can be costly and time-consuming. Through the use of our month-end checklists we have our 15 checkpoints to make sure the books are correct and up-to-date.

Reduce Overhead

Our accounting services could pay for itself! By partnering up, we could discover profit pitfalls and errors that are boggling down your business’ profits. We’ll also find the proper credits, deductions or benefits that can reduce the amount of taxes you pay or defer them to a future date. Win-win.

Free Up Cash Flow / Save Money

Don’t overspend on a full-time bookkeeper. We’re built to be your finance and administration team at a fraction of cost of hiring someone full-time. You get the experience of a full bookkeeping team at a part-time cost.

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