Personal and Self-employed Accounting

Stay abreast of federal and provincial/territorial tax changes to take advantage of government benefits and avoid tax penalties.

Your personal income taxes do not have to be complicated. We help you claim all tax deductions and credits you are eligible for and file your income tax and benefits return on time.

You need to file your taxes as a Canadian resident if you earn employment, self-employment, or pension income or if you want to claim certain tax benefits like the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) or GST/HST benefit.

Filing your taxes correctly helps you avoid tax penalties, and this is where we come in. At DW & Associates, Chartered Professional Accountants, we help you understand your tax situation, no matter how complex. Our tax experts are up-to-date on Canadian tax changes and help you claim tax deductions and credits to maximize your tax returns.

We advise you on the supporting documents you need to provide for your taxes, online tax software for filing your taxes, and complex tax situations.

Our personal accounting services include:

  • T1 Personal Tax Returns
  • Tax deductions and credit claims
  • Self-employment bookkeeping
  • Tax planning
  • Income benefits claims
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Our Services

Whether it's taking day of your day to expenses or getting financial advice on forecasting for the future, we are ready to help, No project is either too big or too small with DW & Associates.

T1 Personal Tax Returns

We take care of our personal clients by doing their personal tax returns. We do basic returns that involve T4 slips and RRSPs, and more complex returns for, self-employed individuals, sales of real estate property, primary residences, securities sales, non-residency, interest income, disability status clients.

GST/HST Housing

Recently bought a new home? Congrats! We could help you recover a significant portion of GST paid on the home purchase. You could supply us with the purchase documents and we can do the rest for you.

Disability Tax Credit

Proudly serving our clients with the DTC tax credit. We help uncover refundable tax credits from the last 10 years. Whether it be changing your previous tax returns or learning more about eligibility, we can help you every step of the way.


Need some help tracking your income and expenses? We offer fixed pricing for bookkeeping, and many more types of services, for our clients. No surprises and fixed pricing allows you to budget properly.

CRA Correspondence

Confused by the daunting CRA paper letters? We could help you understand in easy terms what they are asking you for

Our Bookkeeping Services For Self-Employed

Online Bookkeeping services for your small to medium business. Our firm works intimately with QuickBooks Online, Hubdocs, and has knowledgeable experts to support you whether you are in the early setup, growth, or maturity stage. We’re built to grow with you in your entrepreneurial journey. Our bookkeeping services include, but not limited to:

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Bank Reconciliation

Bookkeeping Clean-up

Payroll Reconciliation

General Ledger

Why Choose Us?

Save Time and Unnecessary Headache

Focus on what’s important. If you find that you are spending too much time on administrative work and not bringing in new business, then we could be the perfect fit for you. We have a dedicated team of professional accountants to assist you with your company’s record keeping and tax return.

Done Right, 100% Of The Time!

We make sure that your records are tracked properly from the beginning. We eliminate the need to go back and fix the books which can be costly and time-consuming. Through the use of our month-end checklists we have our 15 checkpoints to make sure the books are correct and up-to-date.

Reduce Overhead

Our accounting services could pay for itself! By partnering up, we could discover profit pitfalls and errors that are boggling down your business’ profits. We’ll also find the proper credits, deductions or benefits that can reduce the amount of taxes you pay or defer them to a future date. Win-win.

Free Up Cash Flow / Save Money

Don’t overspend on a full-time bookkeeper. We’re built to be your finance and administration team at a fraction of cost of hiring someone full-time. You get the experience of a full bookkeeping team at a part-time cost.

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