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At Darren Wong Accounting, we know the professional services industry inside and out. We have worked with dozens of sales, HR, IT and other consultants and streamlining their finances so they can focus on keeping their clients happy. Whether you’re a sole-proprietorship or a one-person corporation, we have the financial expertise to maximize your cash flow and make taxes and administrative day-to-day as easy as possible.


As tax specialists for professional consultants in Vancouver, we can provide professional consultants with all their tax needs. Whether it would be filing a T1 return, T2125 return, partnership, or an incorporated professional corporation, we can take care of your tax liability.

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Why Choose Us?

We strive to empower our clients to achieve their goals and realize their full potential. To date, we have served over 4,000+ hours of accounting work and worked with dozens of clients just like you.

Timely Tax Returns

We ensure that both your personal and business tax returns are filed on time, every time. Late filing fees and penalties do not exist in our dictionary.

Keep More of Your Money

We take our time understanding your unique situation and ensure that you get to maximize deductions and pay the correct amount of income tax.

Experience In Your Industry

We work with other professionals and so there is no guess work in understanding the business that you’re in. We know the different deductions you can take advantage of.

Taxes Simplified

We take our time in explaining complex tax issues in a simplified and easy to understand manner so you know exactly what you are paying taxes for.

Digital Tools

We have a young team of talented professionals that understand the digital age and grew up using digitized tools. Instead of passing on the cost of labour to you, we use tools to help us save time and pass down the savings to you.

Certified CPA

We have years of experience helping startups get up on their feet. challenges. We know what to expect, and in turn provide you expedited advice, so you do not have to waste time and money to figure it out.

Our Services For Professional Consultants

Whether it's taking day of your day to expenses or getting financial advice on forecasting for the future, we are ready to help, No project is either too big or too small with DW & Associates.


Need a second professional opinion on your business? If asking your friends or family just is not enough, look to us as the trusted advisor for your questions.


Online Bookkeeping services for your small to medium business. Our firm works intimately with QuickBooks Online, Hubdocs, and has knowledgeable experts to support you.

Corporate Accounting

We are built to be your finance and administration team at a fraction of cost of hiring someone full-time internally to support your business to keep growing.

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